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April 2012 desktop wallpaper calendar

April 2012 desktop wallpaper calendar

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April 2012 desktop wallpaper calendar

The April 2012 desktop wallpaper calendar is inspired by the Thai New Year festival, Songkran. April is the beginning of some of the hottest weather in Thailand, and the three day break of Songkran provides Thais with a welcome chance to cool down.

Famous throughout the world for the massive water fights lasting days that take place in the streets throughout the country, many tourists travel to Thailand to take part in the revelry and the main destinations for these people are Chiang Mai in the north and Khaosan Road in Bangkok.


The origins of the water throwing derive from the age-old custom of pouring water onto friends and relatives, and also onto Buddha statues in order to bring good luck. This is what I have based my April 2012 desktop wallpaper calendar on.

Even today this custom is observed- not in the streets- but at home and is more widespread in the provinces. People will kneel before and pour scented water over the cupped hands of older relatives. The person receiving the water will sometimes recite a Buddhist incantation. After the water has been poured over the hands, the relative may then sprinkle some of the water onto the younger person’s head to cool them. A white powder is also sometimes smeared onto the cheeks. A small amount of water can also be poured over the shoulders as a sign of respect.

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