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February desktop calendar wallpaper

February 2012 desktop calendar wallpaper

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On the pool level of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, if you take a walk along the path that leads to some of the I.SAWAN villas, you will come across this little fellow just before you enter the fitness facilities. Well, he isn’t really little, he is quite large, and he is the star of the February desktop calendar wallpaper.

Elephants are a common theme at the Erawan, as the hotel takes it’s name from the Erawan Shrine on the corner, one of Bangkok’s Hindu shrines. According to Wikipedia, the shrine was built in 1956 as part of the government-owned Erawan Hotel to eliminate the bad karma believed caused by laying the foundations on the wrong date.

The Erawan shrine is quite a popular attraction is is crowed from morning to night, every day.

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